Mission, Vision and Values


Toledo Christian Schools working with Christian families, provides a college-preparatory Bible-centered educational program to educate, disciple, and prepare students to follow Christ and impact culture.



As the region’s largest non-denominational Christian school, TCS provides students with a first-rate and diverse educational experience, encouraging a life-long passion for learning as well as post-secondary academic and professional success. Additionally, TCS partners with the family and the local Church to develop dedicated followers of Christ. From preschool through their senior year, graduates are prepared through a wide variety of social, artistic, and athletic opportunities, ready to be released to make an impact on the world.




Toledo Christian Schools provide a consistent, strategic approach to education from Pre-school through 12th grade.  Through a highly trained staff, and low class ratios, Toledo Christian Schools offer an extensive selection of college prep, advanced placement, foreign language, fine arts, theological and technological courses.


It is the aim of Toledo Christian Schools to develop every student into a life-long follower of Christ.  Adding to the work done at home and through the local church community, Toledo Christian Schools feature caring, Christ-centered teachers, coaches and staff that pray for, and challenge their students spiritually.  Students also participate in regular spiritual gatherings, prayer, and classes geared towards personal transformation and the development of a Biblical worldview. Toledo Christian Schools has a dedicated pastor on staff committed to investing in the personal, spiritual-health of each student.


Upon graduation students are released, ready to make an impact, serve their community, and take personal responsibility as Christ-centered members of society.  These traits are developed through engaging in community service, performing arts experiences, championship-level athletic opportunities, and mentor relationships focused on leadership development in a technologically rich environment.