Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life Overview

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We know students come to us with a range of spiritual perspectives and varying depths of relationship with Christ. At TCS, spiritual life is not about being perfect, following a certain doctrine, trying to look like a good Christian or saying you “believe” to be part of the crowd. It’s about meeting students where they are, and engaging their head, heart and hands in activities that help them develop a personal, resilient Christian faith that will be with them for the rest of their lives. One of the integral components to the fulfillment of our mission, are weekly school chapel times comprised of worship and teaching time. This is a sweet and sometimes challenging time that engages the minds of our students as we seek to passionately follow Christ.

  • Student-led initiatives involving worship, prayer, and service on the campus
  • High School Spiritual Emphasis Weeks
  • Annual Junior/Senior Retreats on Kelleys Island – Lake Erie